Is Guaranteed Car Finance with No Credit Checks available?

guaranteed car finance no credit checks

In Short… No!

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any guarantees that you will be accepted for car finance. The decision is not ours to make and is based your desired vehicle’s condition, age, your ability to make payments, credit rating, age and nationality.

What About No Credit Checks?

We are able to manually review your application without any formal credit checks which might help to guide your decision. A full car finance application does however require credit checks in order to narrow the focus of your available lenders and interest rates available to you.

So What Car Finance is Available to me?

With no guarantees and credit checks in place we are able to help many people throughout the UK to find affordable car finance. For an idea of the amount available and repayments please use our free car finance calculator before making your application. Alternatively contact us to discuss your circumstances with a member of our team. All information is kept confidential* and no credit checks will be preformed without your approval.

*see this page for details.