I’m self-employed. Is car finance available?

Self Employed Car Finance

In a word…Yes.
At Car Loan 2 Day we provide a wide range of car finance options available to self employed individuals.

1. The car finance is genuinely affordable

Take your average monthly income and deduct all of your ongoing commitments i.e. phone contracts, bills, food costs, travel and leisure expenses to find out your expendable cash each month. If your car finance payments fit into this sum with room to spare you stand a better chance of getting your credit checks and car finance agreed. Your book keeper may be able to help you with this.

At Car Loan 2 Day we can help you work out if car finance is affordable for you. Just contact us today to discuss your situation. Alternatively there is a free disposable income calculator available here.

2. You pass a car finance credit check

We have the ability to proof read your car finance application before it is submitted for credit checks. This proofing process helps us to check your application without it affecting your credit rating. If approved, we will process your application and respond to you with an offer in principle. This process usually takes 30 minutes within office hours.

3. You must be over 18

Our car finance services are only available to self employed people over the age of 18.

4. You must be a full time UK resident

Unfortunately car finance for self employed individuals is only available to full time UK residents.

If you would like to apply for car finance please use our car finance application form or contact us using our enquiry form