I’ve been turned down elsewhere, is it still worth applying?

turned down for car finance

In a word…Yes!

How we can help

As a lender and not just a finance broker our team can perform a series of checks to minimise any unnecessary credit checks increasing your opportunity to get a car on finance.

We provide customers with finance solutions every day who have been declined by other lenders, however there are a few things you need to be aware of when applying for car finance.

Be Aware

When you are applying for a car loan or any other form of finance your credit score will be checked which informs the lender of how risky the investment is for them.

These credit checks leave footprints on your file and too many in a short period of time can impact your credit rating reducing your chance of getting credit in the future.

We strongly advise spacing out your credit applications to ensure this doesn’t happen, which should increase your chance of being approved for car finance.

Get in Touch

If you call us at Car Loan 2 Day we will take your details and perform a visual analysis of your information before asking for a credit check to prevent any unnecessary footprints on your credit history.

Contact us now and a member of our team will be in touch.