Is no credit check car finance available?

no credit check car finance

We are able to provide some assistance to individuals looking for a car finance without the need for any credit checks however this falls short of actually organising the car finance. With no credit check you can speak to our finance team and discuss your situation at length. Our advisers will be able to help outline the options available to you and can tell you fairly quickly if you have a chance of getting car finance.

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Our Free Car Finance Calculator

You can also use our free car finance calculator to estimate loan and repayment amounts with no credit checks. This is a great guide and will help you gain insights into the amounts you might be able to afford and with it you can see what the possible impact would be on your monthly finances.

When are credit checks required?

Credit checks are only undertaken when you actually apply for car finance as it makes up part of the equation that matches your requirements with appropriate lenders. Applying for car finance only takes a few minutes of your time and you could have your decision in as little as 20 minutes.

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