What interest rates will I pay on my car finance?

car finance interest rates

In short… it depends.

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The amount of interest you pay is all about your risk to the lender and is dependent upon several circumstances:

  1. Is the car new or used (and how old the car is)
  2. How much deposit down-payment you make
    Reducing your overall loan amount may significantly impact on the interest rates applied.
  3. Your credit history
    The more risky your credit history the higher your interest rate may be.
  4. Term of car finance
    Loans re-payed over a shorter time may incur lower interest rates.

The car finance application process calculates your interest rates using a combination of these factors. From the resultant list of lenders we will suggest a finance package that balances the interest rates with making sure your loan repayment is affordable on a monthly basis.

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